Veerle Theme - tabs, other than home, missing on Internet

First time user. Trying out Rapidweaver 6 demo. Produced three pages. When in preview, each page tab appears at top of heaer, but when published, only home appears. The other two page titles do not. What’s happening? Thank you in advance.

By the way, to expand my concern, the two pages not appearing as described above, in the page inspector the draft mode is not checked while the navigation and open in separate are checked.

If these settings in the page Inspector for each page, everything, every page would have to be displayed.

Thanks for the advice. My General Settings, as it appears in the illustration, is set that way exactly. My preview page, as illustrated in the example, looks exactly the same. However, when I publish, only the Home tab appears. II tried other themes and have the same problem. Is there a glitch in the software, or is there a problem with the provider hosting my website?

What happens, if you merely export the site, not publish?
Can you then see all your pages?
Perhaps this is only a limitation of the demo.
RW 6 certainly shows all pages.

Have you renamed the homepage to something other than index.html?


Thanks for your input. I’ve been talking with my web host and the agent said Rapidweaver 6 does not propagate automatically, so it looks as if I either look for another we builder or another web host. Think I’ll look for another web host.