{SOLVED} Video Wall stack not connecting to YouTube

Hi there.

So I decided I would purchase the Video Wall stack from Joe Workman - because I thought it looked good and appeared quite versatile.

I placed it on my page - but am unable to get the YouTube playlist function to work…

I have the correct URL

But now I have a couple of questions - which may lead to why I am having problems…

  1. Do I need to place the video wall stack in a “Foundation” theme page? My site is currently made using the “Endeavor” theme?

When I do try and preview in the “Endeavor” theme - nothing happens… other than I do get a square box where the player should be…

  1. When I drop a “Foundation” stack into the “Endeavor” theme - I get an error message saying there are 2 duplicate pages - one of them an index.html - the other a php. It’s asking me to delete one of these - but I am hesitant to do so until I learn a bit more about this… Does the video wall require “Foundation”?

Thanks for any guidance on this…


Video Wall doesn’t require Foundation.

Having both an index.php AND an index.html page will mess things up.

Go to the published page with your web browser and add a /index.php to the URL.

Does that display the page you want? If so, use an FTP program like Filezilla to delete the index.html file.

Alternatively, post the URL here and someone will help.


Hi robbeattie!

Thanks for getting back on this so quickly… :+1:

So - I removed the “Foundation” stacks from the “Endeavor” themed site

I inserted a column stack and placed the static player in this column.

I inserted the video wall directly beneath the static player within the column stack

When I went to preview - it still didn’t work… but…

When I went to “Preview Page In Firefox” - it was working…

Now here is where it gets interesting…

I noticed that I had left a copy of the video wall stack outside of the column stack - so that there were 2 copies of the stack on the page - both with the same URL

If I place just a “video wall” stack on the page within the column stack - it doesn’t work

If I place just a “video wall” stack outside of the column stack - it doesn’t work…


If I place a “video wall” stack inside the column stack AND one outside the column stack - with both using the same YouTube playlist URL - it works…:man_shrugging:

Both video walls use the same “Player ID”

Any idea what might be going on…?



Glad you’re making progress but unfortunately, I don’t own the stack in question. Sounds like @joeworkman or one of his team needs to step in.


Should work with your theme. Take a look at this:
Click the + to get the child YouTube Feed and enter the playlist id.

Hi joemart1951.

Yes - I have my Playlist ID set up exactly like that (except with my playlist URL)



Has to be the id not a url
here is the URL

What you need is this part of it: UCnNk0Zm9qZvPIGahKsyqH8A
It just have to be that part of a playlist url.

Hi joemart1951

Yes - I have that ID - without the https…

Thanks for checking on that …


Put in this one…a playlist from @joeworkman on wallpaper

Just tried that - no luck…


He is a one man show now, at least last I heard.

Is this where you put it:

What version of macOS X are you using?? The stack uses PHP code, and I do know some versions of macOS X do not have the correct version of PHP. That could be an issue.

You are right…

Mac 10.12.6
Rapidweaver 8.2.1



Yes… in response to joemart1951question regarding playlist ID placement



I guess it should work with PHP 5.6, not sure what version PHP 10.12 has though, but I think it is 5.6. Not sure what to tell you…

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Well - zeebe - your suggestion of the OS as possibly being the problem may have been correct.

Up until just a few minutes ago - I was just testing everything on my computer and using the preview in (browser) option.

I decided to see what would happen if I actually published the page to the site.

It worked :+1:

I removed one of the video walls (recall I was using 2 to make it work on my computer) - and it is still working as should.

Thanks everyone for hangin’ in there with me on this - I really do appreciate the knowledge on this site.



Just received a reply from Joe Workman confirming the issue… thought I would post his answer in case someone else runs into this… see below…

The problem is that MacOS 10.12 run PHP 5.6 which is no longer supported. Your web server is probably running the supported PHP7.2+. If you upgrade to a newer version of MacOS, that should fix it.



I am having serious problems suddenly. I did something by mistake by trying to name my pages and now several pages will NOT publish. When you go to website now, it shows certain pages as “ERRORS” …it has something to do with Having both an index.php AND an index.html page will mess things up. I am SO NOT sure what to do now. What a huge mistake!!! Can anyone PLEASE help me. LOST