Depth video issues

can’t get my vimeo videos to load in Firefox or Chrome using Ncik Cates Depth Theme. I have toggled every possible setting and still not working. Anyone else have this issue? I am using RW8 and fully updated on all browsers.

Have you got a URL so others can check?

Thanks for looking into this.


Hey Ron,

can you tell me where on the home page the video is supposed to show up? I can see a slow-mo banner that has video but I’m also aware of some broken links on the same page so it would be helpful to know exactly what you’re referring to.


Hi Rob.
There is a video below the NEUTRALIZE ANXIETY banner. The video should say ONLINE TRAINING for health, healing and performance.

The second video is below the three column with a photo of me in a brown suit coat.

There is another video on the about Ron page and that seems to work fine on any browser. I don’t understand why it works on that page and not on the home page in FF and Chrome.

Have you got the Velvet Video Base stack on the problem page?

The videos are working on my iPhone 7, but the rest of the page seems mismatched, odd sizing.

Perhaps @nickcates can shed some light?

I think I solved the issue. Thank you guys for looking into it.

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