Vertical NavBar UiKit

(Scott Steven) #1

has anyone worked out how to set up a Vertical NavBar UiKit. I need it to expand and contract depending up sub pages and sections. I have a 185 page documentation site to put together.

(Lucas Tsolakian) #2

I’ve added parent items to the Sidebar component, it’s read for the next update:

(Scott Steven) #3

absolutely Brilliant

(Scott Steven) #4

I am wondering if you have a timeline on this as I am going to start working on the navigation for this site. now that I have the content changed from Chinese to english.

(Lucas Tsolakian) #5

Update is ready I’m just adding some bits and fixes and will release it probably today or tomorrow.

(Scott Steven) #6

excellent I have just wrapped up the main translation of 185 page word doc of a radiology manual from chinese to english adjust about ready to start the navigation bit.