Vertical Tab Stack?

Maybe someone knows where to find a stack like “Rails” for a vertical tab.
(RapidWeaver 8, Fondation 1)

Foundation 1 or Foundation 6 - there is no Foundation 5.

Both F1 and F6 have a tab stack included that you can set to either vertical or horizontal.

Thanks for correcting — Fondation.

Foundation 1 tabs.

I know about F6 tab options.
In this case, F1, in which the tab is created, there are not many options that are needed, tab color change, font color change. (Like attach). It is not possible to remake the entire page at this time. tab_01

You can use a basic RW Markdown stack to format text to a degree and you can use the Swatch Colours in Site Styles for the tab colours. As you say, much easier with F6.

Many thanks Gary! I will try.

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