Video for banner image

(Andy Moose Dude) #1

I’m trying to put a video in for my banner image at my website
I’d like to replace the mixer board with the video.
I’ve been toying around with Eclipse Video (Joe Workman) but haven’t had success.
Would his ‘Impact’ be the way?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Yes, Eclipse is for background of an entire site. Impact has a video stack that would be the way you want to go.

(Oliver) #3

Hello @zamboknee,

if you only want to have a bg-video maybe the Play Stack by @Doobox fits your needs more, as bg-vids are its function, while Impact is a full-featured silder.

Happy weaving,

(Andy Moose Dude) #4

I got Play Stack. How do I put the video in place of the current banner image?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #5

Depends on the theme you are using. I do not have the Play stack, so I can’t help you that way, but your theme will need the banner area to have the ability to put a stack in it, like an extra content area.

(Oliver) #6

Well, it looks like you’re using NCD Reason (Pro) Theme. This one has its banner inside an EC1-Area. Use the free Extra Content Stack to place the Play Stack inside this area and it should work.


(NeilUK) #7

There’s also the Extra Content Plus stack from Stacks4Stacks.

(Andy Moose Dude) #8

Where’s the EC1-Area?

(Oliver) #9

It should be inside of the banner area.
As you might know, you can use Nick’s SuperFlex Stack to create a slideshow in the banner area and according to this stack’s options the banner area = ec1

(Andy Moose Dude) #10

apologies but where is the EC-1 located?
Here’s the edit view of my ‘Home’ page which is not a stack, btw.

(Oliver) #11

The EC1 is located at the place, where the banner image in the exported website will be shown.
You won’t see any contentwithin the ec-area, when you are in edit mode as the ec-to_be-content will appear there only in the preview or in the exportet website.
when you are in a non-stacks-page, you need to place your content in the ec-area using the sidebar-content (code-view). Please look at the ec-info-page(the link i offered in a previous post)to learn which code u need to use there. (I’m on my phone right now and can’t do very much)