How to add mp4 video to impact video slide


Just dipping my toe into rapidweaver.
I have impact and want to add an mp4 video.
But I’m not clear on what to do.

How do I set a link to the video file I have?
Is there a best place to store the video? should it go into a file in my host server?

Best advice and procedures are much appreciated.

imageimpact screenshot 2

Further- I realize I could just use a hosting service like youtube or vimeo, but I don’t want to have all of their features on the video (like playing some other video after it’s done or displaying the vimeo mark.- I just want my video to play and be clean.

Once you’ve added a video slide to the Impact stack, you set the links for the video in the Inspector which is to the right.

Joe also made a video about Impact which is here.

Actually you can not use these with Impact’s video stack. You need to upload the MP4 video to your server where your site is and then use the URL to that file to put in the stack’s settings.

Only partly correct. You can place an MP4 file in resources and make a link as normal by selecting this option. When you publish your site, the MP4 (ogg etc) will be contained in a - not surprisingly - into a RESOURCE folder.

yeah, not a fan of using Resources, never seems to work right for me.

Thanks everyone! Figured it out with your advice :slight_smile: