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I’m using the Future theme that came bundled with RW and I would like to put an mp4 video on one of the pages in the Banner area. Is this possible? I’ve tried to drag and drop into the override banner area but obviously, that does not work.

I was able to do it by using the “add remote resource” , not the drag & drop method, and of course, having the mp4 video in my resources and copying the URL. I suppose it could also be a warehoused mp4.
The “add remote resource” field appeared when I clicked on the “override site banner” box.

I used a rather large mp4 as it was what I had to test and it was slow to load, so there might be a better method.

@curiouschuck What theme were you using? When in the “Future” theme I try clicking on “override site banner” and nothing happens.


My problem was that I had a jpg in the override banner and it would not bring up the dialog as you show. I deleted the jpg and when I clicked the dialog appeared. Problem solved. Thanks for the tip.

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Glad it worked.

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