Need Replacement for Ultimate Gallery YouTube playlist stack. Suggestions?

Now that Wesley has been MIA for some time, the latest RW updates broke the Ultimate Gallery YouTube playlist stack I had setup for a project. There are 12 videos and I would like them displayed in a grid format. It was a simple setup-just put the playlist ID in the stack settings. Can anyone recommend an easy to use stack for the same purpose?

Two things.

  1. If you search the old Rapifweaver forums you may find there’s a fix for this. There certainly was one for the Ultimate Gallery Flickr stacks.

  2. Will Woodgate has released a theme for Weaverpix that mimics the functionality of Ultimate Gallery. Of course, this will mean buying Weaverpix which is an extra expense. On the other hand, it’s a great plugin.

Hi Robb,

I’ve actually been in touch with Will over the past couple of hours to see if his uTube Channel stack might work. He was incredibly kind to do up a sample demo project using his API to show me what that could look like. Unfortunately it doesn’t recreate the grid look that the client wants. He also suggested his Ultimate Gallery stack for Weaverpix, which unfortunately I don’t own, but I would buy if it fetched a YouTube playlist, but it doesn’t. It’s basically a thumbnail with a link.

So at this point I need to consider either doing that (and purchasing Weaverpix just for this use, then the theme), or moving everything to Vimeo and setting it up that way.

I am also experimenting with various column/grid stacks and Will’s uTube stack, but the video only plays at the thumbnail size. I used JW’s Responsive 3 column stack and dropped Will’s uTube stack into JW’s Expose stack to see the lightbox effect and that is OK, just a lot of stacks nested in stacks which makes me a bit leery. I can increase the maximum width of the lightbox for a larger video, which is OK. It’s just that there are 12 YouTube videos and I’m looking for the best way to showcase them while keeping responsive in mind.