Video tutorial "show notes"

I have been watching a number of the videos and @ben mentioned code being in the “show notes” , How do I get to those notes? I could not find a link on the video page.

@teefers hi Doug, at a guess i would say the reference to Show Notes is referring to the PodCasts @
these Podcasts are refferred to as the Rapidweaver Show :slight_smile:
I bet this is what you are looking for :slight_smile:
Show notes are generally found a little below the Introduction , but be wwarned there are currently 52 pod casts.


Yeah I thought so, but I found the show about htaccess and the show notes are links to the video and the video refers to the show notes.

In the video he said he would include code in the “show notes”.

Thought there might be some otherplace to look.