Video Wall Trouble

Video Wall stopped working.

When I opened the project file, I got an error message from YouTube saying that my php version was too old. I updated php to 7.4 and the VideoWall worked fine in Preview in Rapidweaver.

Went to website, no change. VideoWall still not working.

Republished site. Still not working.
Used other browsers, cleared cache, disconnected from wifi. Nothing works. Still not loading.

Any ideas?
These are the two pages:

I also changed page type to php That did not help.

The immediate issue is your hosting server is throwing a 500 error. You need to see what the error logs say.

Should those pages be .php anyway?

Also while back there were some changes made did you ge an API key?

Yes I have a key

I changed the page to php after I posted and edited the post. The html version is still on the server so I thought the Original link would continue to work.

It’s weird that it works in preview and not the web. I’ve had the exact opposite behavior before, when I could only see it if I published.

Even the php versions are getting 500 errors:

has something to do with the social feed

Look for some error logs on the server. There should be some errors in there that could help. Hosts put these logs in so many places. I would start by looking for it here…


It says this, but I don’t know what it means
console.error(“Error processing social feeds”, data, textStatus, jqXHR);

That is the browser console log. I asked for the error logs on the server. Those are the more detailed errors that I need. Those are the root cause to what you are seeing in the console.

Thanks to Joe Workman and Chillidog Hosting, the problem is fixed. In case anyone runs into a similar issue, I thought I’d document it here.

When I updated the php, as Youtube required, I must have selected the wrong version.

“Issue was actually alt-php was elected instead of ea-php. I’ll get that alt- package removed. I’ve switched your sites to the correct version of php.”

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