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I don’t know when it happened, but after I upgrade to Stacks 4 I can’t change view mode in edit mode, it has disappered?26

I think this feature has disappeared. I can’t see it.


@isaiah removed it

We are now stuck in venti mode. That view modes toggle confused way too many people.

Yes it did…I do a lot of tech support…always the first thing to ask about…

ok - but could it influence on Foundry (sorry Joe) were page background now is visible, which it haven’t been before. Visibility does reading of text i Edit mode almost unable if background in textbox doesn’t have a color background - have a look at screendump.
I have written to Elixir about this subject, but they haven’t answered yet.

@jojaeger – Replied to you on the Elixir forum where you asked.

That said, I’ll cross post the answer here for you:

This is why the toggle doesn’t work any longer. The toggle was set to affect that specialized tag and not the body tag. The body tag was only used in Preview mode ad on the Published page.

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