View published website page (of the selected RW page)

(Greg Schneck) #1

Is there a tool that would allow me to view the published page of the RW page currently selected in the “Pages” pane? Not a preview of the RW page… but the page as exists on my server.

ie: The SAME function as “view published web site” on the View pulldown, but instead of opening the site home page in default browser it opens the page you are currently viewing in RW.

(Dave Farrants) #2

Do you mean like Command & P?

(Greg Schneck) #3

Cmd P?
No… That’s a preview of the RW page you are working on. I want to see the page that actually exists on my web server as it is on the web server. (ie: to easily and quickly verify a publish to server OR just compare my RW working page to the current page on the website (server.)

(Jason Bostick) #4

If it is published to your server, wouldn’t you just go to the published URL? Maybe I am misunderstanding your question…

(Greg Schneck) #5

Well, I’m looking at the web page in RW. Why not just be able to click to view the web page? Instead of Navigating to browser and going thru web page clicks? If it takes me 10 seconds to bring up Chrome and click thru several links to navigate to the web page in Chrome and I do that over and over throughout the day… why not just be able to quickly and easily jump to the published page using RW? Time is money…

(Dave Farrants) #6

LOL - you beat me to it! I just use twin monitors with the Server page open in a browser.

(Greg Schneck) #7

I have twin 27 inch monitors but I can’t see that that helps, even keeping browser open, which mine is 24 hours a day practically…

If I publish 10 pages all in different parts of the site (a couple pages in >Bookstore > Books >eBooks > free, and then a couple in "Reports > History > New, and then a new Help page, etc, etc. it can take quite a while to go thru site a “verify” all 10 pages. But there they are sitting in my RW window just begging to be able to “jump to” my site to display the published page at a single click.

Just a thought… I’m fixing a very large site so I’m doing LOT’s of fixes, corrections, so I’m doing a LOT of publishing/republishing and not long amounts of time on single pages. A quick way to get to newly published pages would be great and the url is right there in RW.

Perhaps I’ll use a script or something to grab the page url from RW window .

(Dave Farrants) #8

A method I’m using ATM to check ‘published’ pages is MAMP - export the RW project to an htdocs folder in MAMP, run MAMP and open the site to view on a separate monitor - then any new changes to my page(s) in RW are exported to the MAMP folder (very fast) and a quick page refresh of the displayed MAMP browser window shows exactly what a ‘server’ page would be including live links etc.

(Greg Schneck) #9

I used Mamp some time ago… will pull it out again. Also, “LiveReload” prevents you from having to refresh the page…

Thanks for the reminder…