Vimeo Integration

I’d like to use Vimeo Pro to host videos on my website. I have been told that I can create a Vimeo gallery as a subdomain. How do I do this please? And is there a way to impose a theme on this page? Or would I have to simply try and find a Vimeo template that seemed to match with my chosen Rapidweaver theme?

@richtapestry I’m not sure what your are specifically referring to, especially in regards to a subdomain. But there are several ways to create Vimeo presentations on pages. You can embed them individually (one or more) on a page via code provided by Vimeo or via stacks (e.g. see Joe Workman). Joe also makes a Vimeo gallery stack that may or may not suit your purposes. Nick Cates makes a stack called Light Page that has a special video gallery setting for Vimeo/YouTube.

But there are other ways to handle all of this also. For example it’s fairly simple to create a gallery of Vimeos that will be lightboxed (i.e. press on relevant button and the video will pop-up on the page in a special box: this saves a lot with loading times). There are many lightbox stacks out there but you may want to check out Stack4Stack’s TopBox.

Thank you, very helpful. Vimeo has a package called Vimeo Pro. This enables you to create a gallery page (called a Portfolio) and that page can then be a page in your regular website build. The advantages to this is that I’m always shuffling my videos and so I’d do that within Vimeo and not need to be constantly updating my website.

What I don’t know is if the Vimeo page can be “themed” or if I simply have to choose the best template that Vimeo supply that most closely matches the style of my website, which would not be very professional-looking.

Loading time is very important. Does not sound as though Joe’s solution will work for me, as I’d be constantly having to update my website. Will check out Light Page and TopBox

From my understanding of Vimeo’s description they create a standalone web page for you (the portfolio). But this isn’t really a page that can be in your “regular” (i.e. RapidWeaver) website build (at least as I understand their description). It’s not clear to me if the portfolio gives you any real advantage.

… and keep in mind you need to “shuffle” somewhere: it could be Vimeo or it could be RapidWeaver. I completely understand you not wanting to shuffle twice, but some shuffling will go on.

Joe’s solution might work for you. If I remember it correctly you can choose a category designated in Vimeo and the stack will read all videos put into that category/collection. At least worth a look.

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