Vimeo privacy settings

Hi Will. I ran into a bit of a problem last weekend with a web site I run for a charity as a volunteer. I am currently using your Bootstrap theme. Something seems to have happened in Vimeo (free) whereby I can still embed a video but it also shows my account name and by clicking on it the public can see all my personal videos in my library too, which is not great. I have never done warehousing before and don’t know where to begin but it seems this makes sense, even for the very few vids I need to post. I have a stack called Simple Videos which does not seem to work properly and I have Poster 2 / Media Player which I have never really grasped. I am interested to see what Elements will bring but, meantime, I have had to pull the vids I posted for the museum opening, which is a little embarrassing. So I would welcome any tips which might allow me to confidently show the opening ceremony without the vids of me on my tractor on the farm :0) Many thanks for reading. Drew

Hi @Drew

A lot has changed in the past 8 years, relating to video on websites. Both in terms of technology and also mandatory legislation relating to user privacy and accessibility.

Additionally it’s becoming evident that the big video sharing services are tightening-down on the use of their content in private websites. I’m afraid what you’re seeing with Vimeo is perhaps a sign of bigger things to come.

Please contact me by email through my website with some details / links and I’ll take a look at what you’ve got currently. I can maybe suggest some ideas of how we can resolve this. Multimedia in websites is my speciality.


Last I checked Vimeo, you can control what’s displayed on the embedded video (like account owner profile, video title, video description, etc.) in the embed video settings. Maybe that’s not the case on their free plans, or maybe they recently changed those options, but maybe check in your Vimeo account if you can disable that setting that adds your user profile to your embedded videos.

Vimeo has pretty good privacy controls, better than YouTube anyway.

Hi Dan

It used to be that videos which were embedded were just the video and nothing else but now Embed Presets are only available with the paid version. I have looked hard but may have missed something. My Basic account does not permit me to set anything.



Yeah I just checked my Vimeo account. Used to have a paid plan but now I’m on the free tier.

Well that sucks they put those privacy settings behind a paywall. :unamused:

Warehousing your videos on the hosting account could work then. Or maybe it would be worth creating a new Vimeo account with only those videos added that are related to the charity, that way you can keep your personal account separate. Let us know what you and @willwood come up with. :slightly_smiling_face: