Vimeo Videos on my RW site

I need to show some videos on my site.

Im guessing Youtube or Vimeo is best. BUT I need the videos to be private on youtube/vimeo and accessable only via the casting site. Am I right in thinking this is not possible?

If so is there another way I can create videos accessable only on the website?

With a Vimeo Plus (or above) account you have some very nice options. For example, you can set where a video can be embedded:

You can also set who can watch with these options:

I think these 2 options will get you most, or all, of the way.


Brilliant! Thank you so much. I can use specific domain.

I have a Plus account. I do not think you can do the same with the free version, but I’m not 100% sure. I doubt it but worth a look. That said, the Plus account is worth every penny to me.

Yes I’ll go with plus.

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