YouTube Video Overlords (...and alternative video players)

I was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were of embedding videos on their sites?
I have Instagram videos embedded on my site, but they don’t play on some desktops.
I don’t love the idea of uploading YouTube videos (because of all the ads which can be distracting), but is that what we are stuck with?
Does anyone have experience with any video players on their site (where the video is uploaded to the site and not embedded)?
Thanks so much! Hope all are being safe and healthy!!

Vimeo works well without the ads.
Self hosting videos is probably going to strain your sites bandwidth, especially if you’re using a shared hosting plan.

Yeah, that was my thought as well. Thanks for your input!!

I always format and upload to my server. Here near the bottom, 3 photos link to vids. Here: as a banner bgd. Works well.

You have a great website! What video player are you using?
Thank you!

LimeLight by BWD

Have you tried this for your YouTube videos?

Additionally if you run an ad-blocker on your desktop web browser, you should see fewer adverts. I never see adverts on YouTube when using Firefox + uBlock Origin.

Certainly if you want complete control over your video content, hosting it yourself and using a good quality video player stack remains the best option. Big video files can be hosted on Amazon S3 or similar cloud services very cheaply.


Thank you again!! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I did not know that you could turn off ads in Youtube?!

What did you use for the banner bid vid? I just purchased playvid from MichaelDavidDesign and I can’t find any support.

Hi @D03ree I used BWD Sections Pro stack which allows for a video background.

I have video on my church site. i link to my own account on YouTube, and it works fine.

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