Wall stack - missing posts?

Figured out how to get the FB part of wall stack working… so was :smiley:
Client has now pointed out that the posts imported have vanished??
Anything over a week appears to not load from FB, but the number of days in the wall stack setting is set to 365??

Can anyone explain why please?

Great to hear @Jon

Thanks for the feedback Michael.
Yes I’m using 1.4.5, I‘II limit the posts to 10 and see how I get on.
Cheers Jon

Thats worked :grinning: - the last 10 posts are now loaded.
Can I up the limit to 15-20 or will that cause a problem, with you saying 10?
Cheers Jon

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Yes you should be able to, please try it :slight_smile:
Although some of the services don’t allow it but you’ll see soon enough in RW preview

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Thanks for your help Michael, 18 loaded and the page filled and the clients happy! :smile: great stack btw :+1:

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@jonline, Im super confused about getting the wall stack to work. Were you able to get the youtube function to work, if so how? Thanks in advance for your help. :smiley:

I’ve just done this now @BigNealy and you can see this in the demo project with the Stack:

You’ll can use:

  • search term
  • profile ID + list ID

You can see in the manual how to set this up and you can also use the Keys in the demo project :slight_smile:

If you are having anymore issues, please message me on these forums

Sorry Micheal, Only just seen this. I only needed the FB element for the client, so I never looked at setting the video side up. It looks like Michael F has sorted you out in the meantime. Cheers Jon :blush:

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