Wall Stack not working ;0(

Having had the wall stack working great for the past 6 months, my client has informed me today, nothing is loading :open_mouth: All the settings appear to be ok? What would be the best way of troubleshooting this please? Or does anyone know if the stack has been upgraded, I’m on 1.4.5. Or would this be more at the FB end do you think?

Thanks Jon

Hi @Jonline,

It’s most likely not an issue with the wall stack itself. On September 4, Facebook changed the requirements for these type of apps. You now need to verify the business for which you are trying to display the newsfeeds, then you must submit in the developer site (where you created the app credentials for that client) and get ‘manage_pages’ permission request etc.
Look at the inbox for that ‘app’ and there should be notifications from FB about that.

I just had to do all that for four websites using live FB newsfeeds.

I hope that this helps.


I have the same problem. It is definitely a change in the developer side at Facebook. You would have been sent emails asking you to upgrade. The process is a pain but not that difficult.

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Thanks for the help guys, nothing in the inbox re the notification or any emails?? But can see a number of new areas that need verification etc, So on with that at the mo. This has saved me a great deal of time… so thanks again :+1:

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Did either of you have to refresh the App Secret with a new code?
I‘ve appeared to have done everything re the request, but its still not loading? :thinking:

Cheers Jon

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