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My angling web site wants to add a twitter logo that is clickable to send to the @CalpacAngling account. how do I insert the Twitter logo and make it clickable? The web address is www.calpac.info

It will probably be quicker, easier and safer to use one of the official components Twitter provides:

Third-party implementations of Twitter in websites are subject to change / breakage without warning. The official buttons and timelines Twitter provides are less prone to breakage.

Based on what you describe, you will want to generate a handle. The generated code can be pasted almost anywhere in RapidWeaver, within the main page body. If entering it into a styled text area, you may need to highlight the code and set it to ignored formatting in the RapidWeaver format menu.


You could use a Font Awesome icon with a link to your Twitter page, something like:

<a href="https://twitter.com/@CalpacAngling"> <i class="fa fa-twitter fa-4x"></i></a>

You can change the size up to 5x, I think, in the code above. You can also make it smaller if needed.

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This worked fine, thank you very much, now I’ve got the youngsters off my back, They’re quick to ask for modernisation but they won’t help a 75 yr old run the site.

Thanks to Rapidweaver being such a user friendly programme even in my old age I’m getting the hang of it.

Kind regard



Thanks to all who responded to my request. I found one that works and thats OK by me.

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