Wanted: Extraordinarily stacks


I am looking for some extraordinarily stacks out there. By this I mean something which is truly unique and adds features to a site which are not covered by other stacks. One example would be the Torus Knot stack by Weavers Kingdom: https://www.weaverskingdom.com/stacks/torusknot/index.html

What have you found and by what stack have you been thrilled to use it?




I think the Sections set of stacks from Big White Duck have been a pretty extraordinary addition. The animation possibilities with Sections Box are pretty cool, for example, and there is just a ton of layouts/setting built in.

I find Syphon by One Little Designer to be a very unique tool to have

If Total CMS counts, that’s pretty extraordinary as well.


Useful Stack at Stacks4Stacks - It doesn’t seem like much but I find I’m using it more and more all the time…


-Stacks3 from YourHead is a must. Partials, you can’t miss it.

-RWML from Tsooj Media.
The best stack for multi-lingual sites and client support from the developer Joost @Joost is great.

-NoLink stack and NoCurrent from Marathia Web Design are great.
-DoorKeeper is a great little stack again from Marathia Web Design.
The developer Jeroen @el_mourabbi offer superb support.
Check it out, great useful little stacks on Marathia Web Design (@el_mourabbi).

-Siphon from 1LD.
Great useful stack, just missing some features as Radio control, Checkbox and Attachments. This features are already on the 1LD Siphon demo site running on a beta version of the stack, It is still under development for future updates so has not been published yet. When this update/ features will be published Siphon will get a high place on the Extraordinary stack list. Good support from Jon Meadows and Skyler @1LDskyler.

-FormPlus from Chillidoghosting is great, just missing the feature to use it as a Contact Form without using the Steps and a Time pick at the Date pick. Support from Gregory @barchard is ok.

-Protect stack from Weavers Kingdom is a nice little stack which offer one page function (a single Protect stack for all elements in a page as text, images, whatever). Great customers requests support from @Lucas.

So many more stacks without going into detail.
-Most stacks from Stacks4Stacks etc @willwood stacks are a good option and a 10/10 support from Will. The CalcStack looking very promising too, specially as it integrate with the FormPlus stack.
-The Oak bundle from Yuzoolthemes is a recommendation, good support from Michael @yuzool.
… so many more to mention.


The Scatter Mosaic stack is quite distinctive in its presentation of images on a website:

A few users have commented that it is a unique way to present a small selection of images; quite a bit different from anything else available.

Strangely I can’t get the Torus Knot stack to work in Chrome 57. It displays blank white spaces and the console reports problems with WebGL. This is something you have to be careful about when using some of these cutting edge effects; it is important to ensure they work reliably in all the popular / newer web browsers and degrade safely in older browsers.


We have been rescuing dogs (English Cockers) for over 20 years and I recently developed my own stack to create dog pedigree charts for some historical references as there was certainly nothing to be had elsewhere.

It’s a hit in the market albeit that market is only me!


This sounds really interesting, as i have the pedigrees of my horses on my website via a html stack with a table in it. Not very comfortable, not responsive, not beautiful :frowning:

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Sounds good Greg.

@willwood WebGL is enabled as default in Chrome 57, I use it myself without issues. Maybe you got it disabled in chrome://flags/, cannot say for sure.

@Fuellemann thanks for the mention :slight_smile:

Hi, is your stack available anywhere? Is there a URL?

Thank you :slight_smile:

@Barbara, @Fuellemann, @TINO if you are interested…

http://www.ecs.hundewagen.id.au/past/ is one example.

Select George or Winnie’s pedigrees. It’s nothing special and only goes to 4 generations (although I’m in the process of making it 5) which is pretty standard for dog pedigrees. It’s responsive insofar as dropping back to 3 generations, font size and hyphenating names (helped with a few manual “shy” additions). I threw in some colour options as well but don’t use them.

I just wanted to represent a pedigree at least as something similar to the way they were printed in the past and used an original 1940 document as a guide.


Here are a couple I think are extraordinary.

The first is Joe’s Agent stack, does amazing things I think

The next is one I am sure 99% of you have not seen, it is the FLATULOBOX STACK, you can see an example here:

(all in good fun of course!)


@zeebe Oh, I wasn’t expecting that. No wonder so many flagged it! :open_mouth: :smiley:

@Fuellemann Here’s a very nice implementation of Torus Knot: http://www.shapeandform.de/partner/partner.html