We need a itunes:explicit>No/Clean Tag for itunes

(Frank Land) #1

The problem is that you need this tag to submit your feed url to itunes.
With RW it is only possible to check explicit , to use it in your feed.
But this means explicit yes and iTunes displays a parental advisory graphic on your podcast. If you are doing a podcast for children or a business you don’t want that. This problem is not new, but now it is time that Realmac fix the problem.
Can you do something like this?

(Frank Land) #2

Still no answer from the support!
So i edit the feed .xml by my self with Cyberduck and the Text editor from “yes” to “clean” and now iTunes shows this
Clean lyrics!!! :slight_smile: The bad thing is, i must edit the blog .xml every time i publish a podcast.
PLEASE fix it!!!