Support not replying

We have a serious support issue. Email and (later) reminders have gone out. Log and full details given. Even used Twitter to ask for a simple acknowledgement. Silence. Is there anyone out there?

It’s very hard to reply to your message. What’s the problem? (No clue given.) Emailed & reminders to whom?

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What @Mathew said.

There are plenty of experienced people here willing to help if a developer is taking a while to get back to you but the more information you can provide, the more likely it is that someone can help.

Apologies. The support request raised an app bug issue with the main developers - Realmacsoftware. Was hoping that this posting might jog things and lift their the current silence. Will wait another hour before bothering you folks.


Still radio silence from the developers.

Has anyone managed to rescue themselves from this state?

Suspect a possible glitch with Rapidcart Pro. Other RM files are intact.

They say: “I’ve never seen a similar error message so far.”

… and seem to recommend re-installation.

I have had this happen to me a few times (not really sure of the rhyme or reason) and after that pop-up, I was offered the option to duplicate my project. Doing that and then re-opening the original always seemed to work (and kept all my edits). I don’t know what you’ve tried though.

There’s also some other topics on this error if you search the forum. Lastly, there’s a recent Stacks update that seems fairly important in the number of bugs it fixes. But again, not sure if you’ve done all your updates already…

We aim to reply to all support enquiries within 1-2 business days (in this case, it was a little over 10 hours to first reply time). Please could you follow up this morning’s email with the project file and CSV file so we can give this a look? The issue is normally due to the OS X autosave system, but we’d love to get a project that we can reproduce this with and see what we can do to work around it.



Nick… Thanks for the reply. You should have everything now. Permissions are re-built but we can now reproduce the error completely.