I am having a dreadful time trying to upgrade to plus kit from Yourhead software has anyone else had problems?

I bought an upgrade to pluskit a day and a half ago from your head software. I have a receipt from PayPal. No email with the registration No. Lodged an email to support no answer. So I try and purchase another upgrade same thing happened. Just have client on my back. Ahhhh
Anyone else had a problem with there service?

Hi Wayne,

Our server logs show that the email was sent for the original purchase as well as the second one that you just tried. My guess is that the CartLoom mail is being rejected as spam or put into a spam folder. I’ve resent the serial numbers, but also included the serial number in the support email. If that doesn’t get through to you either, please let me know – I can send it here on the forum in a private message if need be.

I’ve also gone ahead and refunded one of the orders. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, I’m prepping for a couple presentations at the WeaverSpace Conference this weekend and my support box is piling up a bit.



Thanks Isaiah have a great conference. All good.

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