Headliner - New RapidWeaver stack from Weavium : D

Say hello to Headliner - A killer news feed slider which expands into full page content sections from Weavium!

The purpose of Headliner is to take boring, basic news feeds and turn them into something dynamic, and eye-catching! Headliner allows you to create catching headlines with images, that can be clicked on to view pull page content. It’s simple to set up, highly applicable, and powerful!

Get it on sale now for 25% off (Just $11.24) using the follow discount code:


Find out more here: http://www.weavium.com/stacks/headliner


@weavium Love your work!
Seems like the discount code doesn’t work

Update: Never mind, got it. The list part shouldn’t be in the discount code.

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Hi there, That is correct, there should be no LIST in the discount code. The correct discount code is:


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