Weavium Quick Menu - markers

Anyone had any luck making the custom markers work with this stack?

The idea is that you drag two marker stacks out onto the page, give each a unique ID and then ‘plug’ those IDs into the relevant fields in the Quick Menu stack. As you scroll down the page the menu will appear only between the two marker positions.

Doesn’t work for me at all - so if you’ve got it working, please shout out and I’ll continue to persevere!




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Hi there Rob,

Do you have a link to a test page by chance? We’ve been able to get these types of markers with Quick Menu and a couple other stacks. Maybe there is a theme conflict or something going on that we can take a look at.

Hi there,

I’m sorry. I don’t any more. As I recall I was testing it with standard Stacks’ text, header and button stacks - just to get some content on the page. Theme was Voyager Pro.

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