Weavium support?

Has something happened to @weavium? I’ve been trying to get support from them for a while now… and nothing! Have they disappeared down a rabbit hole never to be seen again?

I raised a couple of pre-sales question with them 3/4 days ago and likewise have not heard back. Having said that - they have just released an update to their excellent Kalendar stack so someone must be doing something!

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Hi Kelly.

Unfortunately, I have had the same experience several times.
The last time I had a little “bug”/problem with “Hop Starter” - but I never got any feedback.

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If your experiences are consistent, I will be in the same boat. I found a bug in the sidebar stack from @Weavium and now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use it if my email goes unanswered.

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The consistent inconsistency of support from @weavium has been frustrating. I finally achieved some support after some RW Forum shaming that included contact information.

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I say we give @Weavium a little bit more time. I pretty much own all the stacks he/she offers … and never really had a problem using them, and when I did the dev was prompt to respond. What I’ve noticed is that in my case everything took a wrong turn when I updated to Foundation 6 … weavium stacks started having “little bugs” here and there. Hope the dev addresses it/them.


I own most of their stacks too and have spent a lot of money with them. It’ll be disappointing if they don’t reply to any support questions! I feel for people who have just bought their stacks without the knowledge that they won’t get any support if needed. If I had known that to begin with I wouldn’t have purchased any of them!
I’m ok to give them a bit longer to see if they reply! We’ll see what happens!

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So it seems that @Weavium is still not responding to any requests. I know lots of things are happening in the world, but perhaps it is safe to say the developer has abandoned his project?

Any of you received a response?

Don’t worry! As soon as @weavium has a new stack to sell, he/she/they will be in here to promote it. Perhaps they’ll realise some people desperately need support when they resurface?

The amount of gullible folks who continue to give money to these less than reliable devs never ceases to amaze me.

Hi all,

I am so sorry for the late response. I recently moved and have been so busy for the past few weeks. I am back now and ready to tackle all of your support questions and bugs. My sincere apologies to everyone who has been waiting.


We understand! This has happened to me in my business as well. Life happens :slight_smile:

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