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It’s been more thank one week since I used support email asking for help with some stacks from onelittledesigner. Also wanted to exchange one stack for another, but no response.

Someone knows how to get support?

They’ve been pretty good responding the few times I’ve emailed. Not sure who’s speaking for 1LD nowadays but trying @1LittleDesigner

You can try the folks in the forum here if it is something other than a refund (i.e. a stack setting or something)


Thanks for the tip. I don’t know who is behind 1LD, but web seems broken in some pages.

I’m using the timeline stack, and seems that some icons form the timeline item are not loading. Maybe someone has these stacks too.

Is there any rhyme or reason to the icons that won’t load? Always the same icons, different icons or whatever?

Also, have you got a URL we can look at?

I don’t think is any particular reason. They don’t show on the edition mode. Each timeline item has an icon; you can use a custom icon or one from Google Material Icons, Ion Icons or Font Awesome. You have to write down the name of the respective icon.

Some icons from all three icon fonts don’t show when I write them. I don’t remember the exact icons, but for example, a play icon would show, but a play_round not. It’s just like if the stack had an outdated database, I don’t know.

Hello Josue,

Very sorry for the trouble. Our mailing server has been having issues lately, and our replies were not always being delivered properly. We spent the past couple of days switching to a new provider and have updated our contact system as well.

I did check and it seems we did reply to you, but it probably never came through. I have messaged you again with our new system. Let me know if you did not receive it, though there should not be any issue with it coming through now.


Hi Jon!

Nice to hear it was just an issue and you keep your support :D. I will continue with my issue in your renewed support system.


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