Webdeersign above and beyond

Just like to say a BIG thank you to Gary at Webdeersign for his help when I had some formatting problems, due to my lack of knowledge with his P23 template. Stunning support and help, that went above and beyond.

Cheers Jon


His products look great. Your post made me go the site. It would be an easier site to use if the products were classified by what they are for. I was overwhelmed by all the products. Naming with a number makes it difficult to find what I am looking for. Retail is what interests me…

Jonline, thank you for sharing your experience. I bookmarked the site because of it.

No problem John :+1:
Gary has some great products, but its knowing its backed up with good support that makes all the difference

Thanks for sharing your experience. I have several of webdeersign’s projects and love them. In my experience they are well designed and well put together. Glad to hear their support offered a positive experience as well.

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