Website browser screenshot extension, pdf or jpg

(Lisa Sandler) #1

I know I have a Chrome extension on my desktop computer but I’m on my laptop and can’t remember what it was.
It would let me take a full screenshot jpg of everything on a web page. PDF would be great… anything that will let me get the whole page and print it.


(Ron) #2

Parallels Desktop for Mac has a ‘Screenshot Page 1.02’ Safari extension that will do what you want. You can download a free trial version to try:

(Greg Schneck) #3

Not sure what you mean… even if it is not showing on screen (ie: too long to fit on screen)

(Greg Schneck) #4

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

SnagIT has this feature.

(Lisa Sandler) #6

Yes, it does everything that is on the full page.
I found one called Webpage Screenshot free that makes png files.

I find it’s helpful to make sure I’m consistent across pages to be able to print and compare side by side :slight_smile:
@instacks Jannis… I might have used SnagIT before,

thanks all for the suggestions.

(Dave Farrants) #7

Paparazzi (free) - takes a screen shot of a webpage even if it scrolls off screen and saves as jpg or pdf

(Lisa Sandler) #8

Actually I have Paparazzi and it doesn’t seem to pull everything the way the extensions do.

(Jason Bostick) #9

That’s built into the new Firefox as well, by the way.

(Lisa Sandler) #10

Good to know… I rarely use Firefox though.

(Paul Cruice) #11

Lisa, what is the name of your Chrome Extension?

(Lisa Sandler) #12

Nimbus is the one I have on my desktop, Webpage Screenshot is the one I chose for my laptop. Chrome.

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