Website developer needed to help complete site

I support a non-profit that is working to revamp their website. This is the second version of their site I have done with RapidWeaver and have hit a time and capability block. I could use a developer to pick up where I am, build out some more of the site and improve its mobile experience, and then return the project back to me in RapidWeaver so I can continue to do minor updates. There could be a long-term partnership with this non-profit for successful work. The site is Stacks and Foundation 6-based, with many stacks from Joe Workman, 1LD, and Big White Duck incorporated. I have a Total CMS license I would like utilized for this site.

Hi Charlie,

can you give some more details? Theme based? URL to take a look?


Sorry. Stacks and Foundation 6 based. I have a slew of Joe Workman, 1LD, a Big White Duck stacks intertwined into the site today. That alone could probably be streamlined. I have a Total CMS license purchased but not applied to the site yet, so I would like Total CMS incorporated throughout.

Current state of what needs work:

East Coast USA-based (when considering timing for live discussions with me on this project)

Ok. I work with Quick Editor CMS (1LD), I’m not familiar with Total CMS. I’m very confident with Foundry and have a lot of stacks by Joe Workman and others. But it might be easier if you can find someone in the US to help you out.