“Preview Exported Site with Browser” Feature & PHP

Hi Guys

Just wanted to keep you updated on a change that some of you have noted. The “Preview Exported Site with Browser” feature hasn’t been working as intended with some pages - namely, those with PHP extensions.

This is the option in question:

After further investigation, we’ve discovered that Safari (for both RW5 and RW6) will no longer accept PHP pages - and that Chrome will only display the source.

As a result, we’re no longer able to support this option for PHP pages - and RapidWeaver 6.3.1 and later will warn you that previews using external browsers are not possible for PHP pages. This does not affect RapidWeaver’s built-in preview.

There are other options - such as using MAMP to preview your page with PHP enabled - however as PHP does require processing to be rendered (and browsers don’t process the PHP: a web server does) we’re not likely to be able to bring this feature back for PHP pages in the future.