Website Failed to update despite files uploading

This is just a heads up. When I updated my homepage after upgrading to 7.1.2 the changes failed to show on the website. I ended up going to my file manager and renaming the index.html file to ‘oldindex.html’ to render it null and the updated page then showed up fine. The page now appears to use “index.php” but the page continued to be rendered with the old “index.html” file.

I may have missed some guidance on this when upgrading, but hope that helps anyone with the same problem nonetheless.

I am experiencing crashes when attempting to update the entire site, but haven’t had time to look into why this might be yet.

RW 7.1.2, Foundation,

I would suggest that any changes you made required the php extension (for example a contact form).
Hence your ‘new’ homepage is of the .php variety.
However RW doesn’t delete files (for obvious reasons) and so you end up with two varieties of homepage on your server a .php and a .html.
A browser gives preference to open a .html page, so the old one opens by default.
Manual removal of the old homepage is required.

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