Website uploading says it works but nothing changes

HI all, I have been trying for days to update my website. I hit the upload and it runs fine… says its complete but when i go to view my page nothing has happened. I’m not sure why it wont update. I’m using rapidweaver 6.

and just a side note been trying to get onto rapidweaver site but its blocked so i cant even ask them for help.

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Do you have a link?! Have a feeling you added something to the page that changed the filename from .html to .php and your server will shows the .html page over the .php page. Since RapidWeaver does not delete unwanted pages, you will have to go onto your server and delete the .html page. IF that is your issue.

how do i find out the file name? to double cheek?

it is always best to supply a URL when asking for help, so we can show you examples.