Website not publishing and not sure why


I just update to 8.8.3 and all of a sudden I could not publish updates on my site. I had no problem prior the update.

Please help as I urgently need to update a page as we are putting on an event and need to get information to everyone…

I have checked my connections and they all work…checked with my host provider and I am all good.

I have had no issues in the past and this is proving to be frustrating, so would really appreciate some help here…

Thank you…:slight_smile:

Please do not double post.

Yes but I think I am in the 10% as it was publishing ok until the update of 8.8.3

I think I have tried everything today

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hi Clare,

Have you enabled upload logging? could you post the logs here or email them to and we’ll see what we can do to help.


I have done that too

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