Can't publish since upgrading to MacOS 11.3

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Might have a look here

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Thanks for the resource. After trying all of that, I could only upload RW sites using RW on a machine running MacOS 11.2.3. After upgrading to 11.4 RW will start an upload but then just times out.

I’d probably go to Step 6 Enable Upload Logging. If you can’t figure out the logs on your own, then send them to realmac support (email address in the steps instructions).

Done that. Just waiting on a response. Thank you!

You are using a bata version of the OS

No I’m still on RW8 and not the beta of RW9.

11.4 seems to be a beta?

@gnosismedia You wrote that you are on Mac OS 11.4 above. That’s what @joemart1951 is referring to. Since the latest version is 11.3 then we have to assume you are on a Mac OS beta (which can have various problems). Or you provided incorrect information.

RW 8.8.3 on MacOS 11.3, publishing just fine here.

My bad. Typo. I’m on 11.3. RW will upload from 11.2 but not 11.3, at least on all of my machines that I’ve test on.

Hi, thanks. it works for me as well with 11.3 and 8.8.3.

Could you:
a) check that you have available space on your hosting server
b) if that is a yes, delete the publishing setting in RW
c) restart RW
d) add a new publishing setting in RW
e) try again?

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