Website not showing up in google search results

Hi dears
I create website by rapid-weaver 8 but website not showing up in google search results

Might have a look at this from Google

And this

And for Bing

Hi dear

I added in google console before 3 days, please look for attemnt!

What’s your website address?

It can take longer than 3 days before Google fully scans and indexes your site.

Did you try what the first link showed?
Go to google search and enterL

Change to your website.

See what shows up there.

I did it,

Hi dear, This is address

So Google has indexed your site.

If you look at the results ( to the right of the URL you’ll see those 3 vertical dots. If you clich on that it will show more information. Click the Cached button.

It will show you what Google has in their cache for that site and when they scanned the site:

You can se Google took a snapshot of the site on Jul 17th.

So what are you searching for when you can’t find it on Google.

I didn’t see anything with an <h1> tag on the page. Also it looks to be a single page site? Not much content on the page.

It looks like Google has scanned and indexed the site.


I learned to from you dear,

I note something from you you said h1, that means most be one only h1 and in header or banner!!

Is there an h1 tag also?

Most of the header stacks (Foundry Header or header Plus) allow you to set the tag.

The h1 is important as it is the main title for the page or section of a page.

Seach engines put more weight on h1’s then h2’s, more weight for h2’s then h3’s etc.,etc.

Most pages would only have a single h1 and that should be the headline for the entire page.


I can’t find tital in google

DRUGS & CRITICAL LAB VALUES for emergency cases

Your site is new. It can take a lot of time (or never) before you show near the top of the SERP(Search Engine Results Page).

That search phrase Google shows about 106 million results. Pages and Pages of results.

To get near the top, you need to add good well organized content. You also need to build your sites “authority” on the subject. That takes time and effort.

This is image shows all the text Google has indexed so far for the site:

Not a lot there.

You just changed the h2 to a h1 for that phrase. Search engines aren’t instant. It can be awhile before Google re-scans the site.


Thanks so much, I learned a lot from you :heart: I appreciate you so much

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