Website will not open on home page

I am working on my website after neglecting it for too long! The problem is I cannot get my home page to appear when the website opens, another page continually appears instead of the home page. I have tried everything and it still opens to the other page.

Hi Joan,

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Can you give us the web address, it can be very helpful in diagnosing problems.


First I think you have an extra m in the URL you gave?

It should be Correct?

Looks as though you have the Wear page set as the home page. In RapidWeaver just naming a page home won’t make it the home page. You need to right-click on the page and select “Set as Home Page”.


Now that should change the Folder name of the new home page to blank.

It should also change the folder name of the Wear page to a random folder name.

Right now the page called Home has a folder name of styled-4. That won’t go away as RW will not delete the old folder name.

Thanks, it is I did set the home page. I am also not getting the revised website so I have been reading about. flushing the DNS cache on Terminal but so far that is not working. Thanks for your suggestions!

Not sure I understand what you mean by “not getting the revised website”. Are you saying you made changes, republished and the changes aren’t showing up? That shouldn’t have anything to do with DNS. DNS would only affect the domain name, not the content.

There is a browser cache that should be emptied. How to clear the cache varies from browser to browser.

I just checked with Safari and cleared the cache (Option+Command+E) and still see the Home page as the “Wear” page.

It looks like things are pretty messed up out on the server. I see some pages in navigation pointing to file names and directory names being different on different pages.

My suggestion would be to make sure you have tidy links turned on (advanced settings) then go into each file and set a folder name to what you want for the page. User all lower case letters and no spaces(use a dash- or underscore_ instead).


Change all the filenames to index.html.

You can put what you want including caps and spaces in the browser title and over on the Page title (left side of RW screen). That’s what shows up in the navigation. In the page inspector for the folder name, it’s best practice to use lower case letters and no spaces.

Once you get the RW folder names and files names changed then I’d use the hosting company file manager or an FTP client like transmit or FileZilla and delete what you have out there and then republish all files.


Thank you Doug!
So I went through the website and made all the changes and went to my hosting company file manager and deleted everything and republish all my files and can’t find my website…so now I am doing research on that. Thanks for your help.

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