Home page comes up empty, maybe problem with RW inspector?

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I am using RW 6.19 and I just noticed that my homepage comes up empty on Safari and Firefox. If I use Chrome I noticed the page doesn’t open on my Home page, but on a “Helpful Links” page that I recently deleted. When I click on “Home” from there, the homepage will show fully and the “Helpful Links” will disappear. I wonder what I have been doing wrong in the RW inspector that this is happening. Marinette

My web site does not open on Home
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In RW you can set the desired Home Page by right-clicking on the page title (in left hand menu) and selecting ‘Set as Home Page’. This can be done for any page so you must have inadvertently set the Helpful Links page as the home page at some point (possibly by a different method). Just go in and set your actual home page as the Home Page.

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Hmm… I’m a bit at a loss here with that right clicking on my MacAir. What comes up has no “Set as Home Page” to select. Is there another way to accomplish this?

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ooops… I don’t know what I am smoking this morning, never mind and thanks for your awesome help :sweat_smile:

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I did exactly what you suggested but strangely enough the “Helpful Links” still shows up when I open a Browser, only when I click on “Home” will the homepage open fully and the “Helpful Link” page disappear altogether. Do you have any further ideas what it could be?

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I think it is because your ‘Helpful links’ page is titled index.html which is a default location for when a browser visits a website.
So your home webpage is:
And your Helpful links page is:

If someone types in “practicespaceslc.com” into their browser, the default page will be http://practicespaceslc.com/index.html (i.e. your helpful links page).

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It’s the way you have your site structure built.

The homepage should be in the root folder and named: index.html
Normally each page would have a folder named for the page and the file name stays index.html
so, for example, your history page would be in folder: history and the filename would be index.html

The way you have it set up everything lives in the root directory.

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I hope I understood you correctly. I changed all the folders names and named each file index.html. I then tested it in RW right after I did the publishing and it showed perfectly. Different story though when I actually use a Browser. There the deleted file of “Helpful links” still pops up and the homepage only comes up on double clicking it. I can’t understand why this deleted file still finds it’s way into the Browsers. ![IMG_5285|640x480](upload://mDpaVzwJbZVnHRYdtDzFFQpZKd7.JPG

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Working for me, clear your browser cache

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Great, all set and happy, thanks again.

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