We're in Germany! 🇩🇪

Hello Germany! :de:

It’s finally here! I’m super excited to offer our first server in the EU located in Germany! You’ll find the EU the current EU plans here. As we welcome more EU based sites, we will expand our products and services.

A common question I get is why would I want this server over the US one? Well, some users prefer to have a non-US based server, a server that is physically closer to them, or it’s just personal preference. These are all perfectly fine reasons which is why we are expanding! We want to offer you this choice.

I look forward to working with more of our EU colleagues.

Your top dog,


The most important reason are the data privacy laws here. If our data is stored and processed outside the EU, we have to have a dedicated data fulfillment agreement signed with the hoster wherein he confirms that he applies to and follows the EU data protection requirements, which are quite strict.

So - great choice and I can finally get my coming customers to use Chillidog hosting!

Yes, you bring up a good point. I’m glad you’re excited as well. I look forward to working with you in the future :slight_smile: