What are some Really Cool Stacks for adding flare

I just got “Showcase Ultra” which does one thing… it puts a slideshow into a container image, so that the slider has context, the default is an iMac, you see the whole Mac, and your slideshow goes across it’s screen… perfect for showing off software Like I Sell. Software. Computer screen? GREAT. I love this $9.95 stack… it’s an AWESOME FLAIR IMPROVER

WHAT ARE SOME OTHERS? I tried searching for Stacks for RapidWeaver, and I get a lot of content coming up, but I don’t think I get all the Stacks that are out there for RW… I learned about Showcase Ultra on here… someone mentioned it in a post, with a link, I went there, and was sold.

What are some others? Do you know of some cool stacks that add flair ? Or do something no other stack does ? I share LOTS of images with my surfers… so know that… I’m image rich, anything “images” I’m interested… I like moving, dynamic, attractive, things…

What’s cool brothers and sisters ???

Das Goravani aka Richard

You have to have a look at https://shakingthehabitual.com - the stacks are outstanding. Especially Quizzer and Charter.

Other than that, the Quantum Modules from Rapidweavercentral https://rapidweavercentral.info/modules/edge/

Next, weaverskingdom with stacks like Torus Knot at https://www.weaverskingdom.com/stacks/index.html

One must have - the SEO Helper stacks from Joe Workman at https://www.weavers.space/stacks/seo-helper

Very good are stacks from Multithemes like Boxed Titles: https://www.multithemes.com/rapidweaverthemes/index.html

to name just a few…

@Fuellemann Why is it that one must have the SEO helper stacks from Joe? It seems to me that the SEO things in RW 8 are really sufficient, they cover what meta tags the pros recommend paying attention to… they seem to cover SEO, but I’m no expert on SEO, I just wonder what MORE Joe’s stack for SEO could possibly do… what does it do? Otherwise, THANK YOU for taking the time to post a response, with links, you’ve done me good. Thanks. Danka. You must love my name “Das”, ha ha… I was born Richard Wurst… ha ha… either way in German I’m screwed !

The SEO of RW is basic and does not e.g. cover Structured Data or a correct 404 page. Wir SEO helper you can have all this and an extended sitemap and an image sitemap and more…

You can definitely go down a rabbit hole where you spend a ton of money on cool stacks (I’ve definitely done it a few times) thinking that I may use it on a future project. So just be careful.

Also, there can be an urge to throw a load of single-use stacks onto a page because they do something cool but it can end up looking disjointed and messy and you may get a slow-loading page because of it.

In any case, on top of the ones Jan has mentioned, there are a lot of One Little Designer and Weavium stacks have a lot of pretty cool visual appeal and unique layouts. Some interesting Menu stacks as well.

Joe Workman has a bunch. Video Wall is good, Points 2, Impact, Seams…

Scrollmate Pro by Big White Duck will let you do all sorts of cool scroll-based animations. Limelight and Sections Pro can also do a ton of cool stuff.

InStacks and Nick Cates both have good Gallery stacks.

Stacks 4 Stacks has a ton of really good stuff as well…

If you go on the community site, you can sort things by function, which can help you discover things. You’re right, though, that list isn’t comprehensive.


stacks4stacks for almost every need. Simple stacks, work well and great support.

Thanks for the Stacks4Stacks referral @channonite ! I picked up Shady, a free stack, that puts shadows on other stacks… I was really bummed that RW or Stacks didn’t have shadows on everything, ever stack type, but now I have it… to me a box drop shadow makes the item float, stand out, look good. I’m used to having shadows from iWeb, now I have them again. I would say it’s the #1 cool stack, because everybody needs it.

Richard thank you so much for posting this thread!

Thanks to everyone who has posted some really cool stacks. I have already found 3 or 4 stacks that will be very helpful on our site.

And THANKS to all the creative developers who have taken the time to make these stacks available! You are a Godsend!

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