What determines which browsers in list

Preview Page In . . . lists the browsers available to use for the preview. What determines the available apps? I might want to use something not listed but it doesn’t show in the list. The list also contains apps I would never use such as Notes, Evernote and others. I’ve googled without success for an answer.

Hi @artista,

You can change the browser, going to RapidWeaver Preferences > Publishing tab.
Off course you need to have other browser’s installed on your system.

Thanks Weaver, but that’s not the question. You see there in the choices is Notes. Def not a browser, but shows up. I have other real browsers on the Mac and they don’t show up in the list. My question is about how the Mac or RW or whatever determines what gets in that list.

I believe its whatever app that registers with the OS that it can support HTML files


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