What do I need to set up an auction page?

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My daughter is afflicted with CP and we are trying to raise funds to get her a special needs dog. She is set up on gofundme. Her art teacher has generously donated some of his artwork to auction off to help her reach her goal. I have the task of setting up a site to do the auction online.
This is new territory for me so I was hoping that I could get some direction to what would be the best approach. The site will be from scratch. I do not know if I can link to her gofundme page, but it would be nice to just post the progress of the bidding. It was also suggested to offer a t-shirt with a design made by my daughter for a certain level of donation.
Defiantly two things that I have never attempted on a website, but for my daughter, I will try anything and everything. I thought that by posting this within this forum that someone would be able to give me advise on the best tools to get me started.

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The easiest way is to just find or buy a script.
here is one: https://www.phpjabbers.com/php-auction-script/

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