What dynamic stack do you recommend?

Hello everybody,

I am looking to enchance the design of this page by displaying the services in a more dynamic and prettier (IMO) layout such as this one here.

Do you guys know any lovely stacks that can do this?

Thanks in advance.

When you say dynamic - is it the parallax scrolling you want? It think your page is very good as it is and less confusing than the parallax one you refer to…

I agree with manofdogz.

If you want to change your website maybe you could refresh your pictures and take the grey veil out.

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I think that he means the hover affect on the layout in the screenshot. I know that you are using Total CMS. You should be able to achieve that effect with The Blog List. Play around with the hover effects inside of the Layout child stack.

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thanks for your reply.
I am not sure what you mean with that. I refer to the picture I have uploaded to the caption. Then I put the link of the page, so you guys can see the effect.

Yes, as Joe said it’s basically a pretty and elegant hover effect that I am looking for.

thanks for your suggestion!. :+1:

That’s interesting Joe !!. I’ll definitely look into it. :wink:Thanks for your advice.

P.S.: I am planning to add a couple more services to the page, so they will be probably around 5 or 6 different services I’ll provide to clients.

And the layout I currently have to display these services is rather heavy and robust which may be okay for three, but for more numerous service-option I’d love to have something smaller (maybe rounded corners, or round, or wavy like my site) and with a lovely hover effect in there.

OK - got it. If the Blog List does it no need to spend more money and Joe’s stuff is always good.


Yap, I’ll give it a go soon. Thanks for your help!.

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