What great animated ways are there to display graphical content?

(Gabrielle Vickery) #1

Hi all, I want to include some fabulous slightly animated content just to add interest to a page.

I’ve found this which looks gorgeous: http://demo.yuzoolthemes.com/card/
just wondering if it will slow the page load by using something like this?

What else is there out there that will do something visually appealing like this?

(Rob Beattie) #2

That’s supposedly pure CSS so shouldn’t slow the page down.

You can do some fabulous things with Big White Duck’s Sections Pro and Sections Box stacks.

And @Marten_Claridge has just released a whole slew of design modules which contain all manner of visual goodies.

(r) #3

Take a look at:


(Phil) #4

I used this stack here: https://3nutters.com/About-Hong-Kong/

(Paul Russam) #5

There’s also BWD’s SectionsPro/Animate if you want to roll your own animations. Scroll down to the Services section on this page to see them in action: https://www.dma-ni.com/ Additionally the hover effects on the menu items are SPro/Ani’s
Here’s another one I’m playing with at the mo: https://www.test.lei-project.eu/logo-test/ (Hover over the centre of the page)
One more … https://www.day-plot.eu/dp_io/ Each of the boxes animate in when in view and only occur once per page view.

(Gabrielle Vickery) #6

Thanks everyone I’ll take a look at your suggestions :slight_smile: PaulRussam I utterly LOVE your animated leaves, they look fabulous!

(Tom Murray) #7

Too bad the card stack is only available in a bundle.

(Gabrielle Vickery) #8

Oh it is?? I didn’t realise :-(.

(Gabrielle Vickery) #9

Hey @TomM i contacted the seller of the card stack and he sold it to me as an individual stack :-))) Just thought you might like to know ;-).

(Tom Murray) #10

Ok. Thanks…

(system) #11

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