What great animated ways are there to display graphical content?

Hi all, I want to include some fabulous slightly animated content just to add interest to a page.

I’ve found this which looks gorgeous: http://demo.yuzoolthemes.com/card/
just wondering if it will slow the page load by using something like this?

What else is there out there that will do something visually appealing like this?

That’s supposedly pure CSS so shouldn’t slow the page down.

You can do some fabulous things with Big White Duck’s Sections Pro and Sections Box stacks.

And @Marten_Claridge has just released a whole slew of design modules which contain all manner of visual goodies.

Take a look at:


I used this stack here: https://3nutters.com/About-Hong-Kong/


There’s also BWD’s SectionsPro/Animate if you want to roll your own animations. Scroll down to the Services section on this page to see them in action: https://www.dma-ni.com/ Additionally the hover effects on the menu items are SPro/Ani’s
Here’s another one I’m playing with at the mo: https://www.test.lei-project.eu/logo-test/ (Hover over the centre of the page)
One more … https://www.day-plot.eu/dp_io/ Each of the boxes animate in when in view and only occur once per page view.

Thanks everyone I’ll take a look at your suggestions :slight_smile: PaulRussam I utterly LOVE your animated leaves, they look fabulous!

Too bad the card stack is only available in a bundle.

Oh it is?? I didn’t realise :-(.

Hey @TomM i contacted the seller of the card stack and he sold it to me as an individual stack :-))) Just thought you might like to know ;-).

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Ok. Thanks…

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