Rapid Weaver 7 Blog Question

(Michael Walker) #1

Is there a way to import your pictures into RW7 Blog easier? than a resource line format that I was told to use, I put it in here but it tried to use the resource lol.

The RW7 blog is good enough for what i need, however i find it a pain putting my picture’s in, is there an easier way, that works like RW7 Blog and fits right in the same idea frame work?

(Dave Farrants) #2

Just drag and drop works for me!

(Michael Walker) #3

When i did that it seems the size of the photo was to big? did you size them however?

(Dave Farrants) #4

You can do, double click to change size but it’s better to use the ImageMini App (or similar) first.

(Michael Walker) #5

wow! I did not know that! Thanks a bunch!!! lol…learning something everyday on RW…I’m new if you cannot tell…lol