What is the best ecommerce theme to use on Rapidweaver?

I need to design an ecommerce site on Rapidweaver. Can anyone suggest an easy and editable way of doing this in Rapidweaver please?

When you say ‘editable’ I assume you mean you need clients to be able to edit their sales items online? If so this is not currently do-able in Rapidweaver.

That aside there are several options - all good. two main options to be aware of:

  1. Stacks solutions such as Paysnap from Yabdab and possibly Mals Ecommerce from Yuzool (not used). These offer great flexibility in layout but may take longer to set up if you have a lot of stock simply because each requires it’s own stack and commerce settings within each stack

  2. Plug in solutions such as Payloom (Yabdab), Rapidcart (omni ideas) or cart loom.com - cartloom being the most comprehensive I believe. These are easier to set up for large numbers of items but necessarily have less flexibility regarding layout.

If you want to set up a site for clients to edit you should look at white-labelling an online solution. I’m currently using shopwired.com and pleased with their support and the UI.

Hope this helps

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Just to note that our e-commerce plugin is RapidCart Pro and company name is Omnidea :wink:
Here’s a comparison table between RapidCart Pro Starter and Advanced versions.

apologies for the slight error - was going from top of my head! I was just focussing on the choice between stacks and plug-in solutions.

What is meant by online administration in the pro version?

No problem, mate.

A “Admin Area” protected with password where you can see all orders, stock management, coupon codes and stats.