Artist Website: Alternative to Payloom?

I need an alternative to Payloom for an artist website. Payloom was great for simultaneously ‘exhibiting’ paintings, providing information (title, size etc.) and allowing easy online purchase. It was also easy to customise to integrate into the website. I’m hoping for a Stack to replace Payloom with similar qualities. Currently using RW7 btw.

Thanks for any suggestions,

PaySnap, also from Yabdab, is like Payloom but is stacks based instead of a plugin. Any good?

If not, what are you looking for the new stack to achieve?

I thought Paysnap too, but their demo doesn’t really show what it can achieve. Is it Yabdab’s Stack replacement for Payloom?

I mean I’m not sure from the demo if it’s what I need? But if it is Payloom as a Stack then great.

From Yabdab, “Designed for Designers
Complete layout control. Every Stack Element controls a different portion of your layout. Place Add To Cart Buttons, images, descriptions, lightbox links wherever you like. Drag and Drop layout for your catalog.”

It can only handle payments with PayPal though.

That sounds good. Thanks. I really liked Payloom for those reasons. And I do Paypal too.

Mal’s by Yuzoolthemes may be what you are after. I am building it into an artist’s site myself. For a modest feeYuzoolthemes have kindly customised the stack for my own particular requirements.