What is the difference between Image and Site image in Library

hardware: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports) + 2TB samsung external SSD (APFS, free 1.3TB)


I lost 90% of my photos on the 380 pages of my project due to an unexplained crash.Given the number of files I use an external ssd HDD* for resource storage, I think the problem came from there. I noticed that images imported using Site Image were preserved. I use Image because they are not resized as opposed to those that go through Site Image. Best regards. Laurent

*Using an external HD slows down Raidweaver (Version 8.9.3 (20888)

At the most fundamental level, the difference is that when you place an image, even from resources, using the Image stack it creates a unique version of that image. If you copy that same Image stack to another page or place it in a partial, even without making any changes to the settings, etc., it will create a unique image everywhere. A browser would need to download each image, even if it’s identical.

Anywhere you use a Site Image with the same source image, it always points back to that same file. Once a browser downloads a Site Image, it does not need to download an image for each instance. It’s just the same image file displayed again. If you use an image in multiple locations, Site Image will load images much faster after the first one is loaded.

RW is not an image editor. Yes, it has some image editing and cropping features built in, but you are much better off using a dedication image application for editing/cropping, With as many images as you have, I would not want to be editing my images in RW.

Look into batch editing and resizing application. There are many. One of which is Squash, made by RealMac.


In addition to what @DLH Don said, internally site images are stored differently within the project file. They use the RapidWeaver resources drawer to store the physical image. The older legacy image stack stores the image internally on the stacks page.


Thank you for these explanations.
Laurent From France

Hello, to follow up on my question I lose the visuals of my images regularly. Instead of having a visual, I have a question mark. I use 2 methods to compare: either I drag the picture using Site image, or I import a picture from my SSD to the stack and then to the resources, then I make the link between the two. My files are stored on an external SSD. I wonder if the problem is not the SSD that would fail. I just fixed 350 pages of the site and it’s happening again. Thanks to you if you have a clue. Laurent from Bretagne (France)

I forgot to add the visuals.
Best regards

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