What is the "Viewing:" that's shows up on each page in RW8

(Mary Delton) #1

This is probably something simple but I haven’t figured out how to either remove the line that says: “Viewing:” at the bottom of my page in RW 8 or how to indicate what is being viewed.

Here is screen shot of what I’m referring to.


(Joe Martin) #2

Looks like something in the theme you are using.
It is not part of RW8

(Mary Delton) #3

@joemart1951, Thanks Joe, I’ll check with the theme developer @willwood

(Rob D) #4

Breadcrumbs, most likely…

(Doug Bennett) #5

What Rob (@Rovertek) said is more than likely what is showing. Try turning on breadcrumbs in advanced settings and a see if a “breadcrumb” link shows up.

(Mary Delton) #6

@Rovertek and @teefers THANK YOU! Yes it was the breadcrumbs! Seems like if you turn them off, you shouldn’t have the “Viewing” show up. So now I have to leave the breadcrumbs. Could be worse.


(Doug Bennett) #7

If you want to post a url to at least a test page, I’m sure someone here could help you out with some CSS to remove the “view”.

(Mary Delton) #8

@teefers I can try that. Here’s the url to the test page for the website with the breadcrumbs.


I would appreciate it if anyone can provide the CSS to remove the “viewing” when the breadcrumbs aren’t enabled. Thank you. This is a great group of RW helpers!


(system) #9

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