What is the "Viewing:" that's shows up on each page in RW8

This is probably something simple but I haven’t figured out how to either remove the line that says: “Viewing:” at the bottom of my page in RW 8 or how to indicate what is being viewed.

Here is screen shot of what I’m referring to.


Looks like something in the theme you are using.
It is not part of RW8

@joemart1951, Thanks Joe, I’ll check with the theme developer @willwood

Breadcrumbs, most likely…

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What Rob (@Rovertek) said is more than likely what is showing. Try turning on breadcrumbs in advanced settings and a see if a “breadcrumb” link shows up.

@Rovertek and @teefers THANK YOU! Yes it was the breadcrumbs! Seems like if you turn them off, you shouldn’t have the “Viewing” show up. So now I have to leave the breadcrumbs. Could be worse.


If you want to post a url to at least a test page, I’m sure someone here could help you out with some CSS to remove the “view”.

@teefers I can try that. Here’s the url to the test page for the website with the breadcrumbs.


I would appreciate it if anyone can provide the CSS to remove the “viewing” when the breadcrumbs aren’t enabled. Thank you. This is a great group of RW helpers!


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